On Scott Hutchison’s suicide and the lie at the crossroads of death and grief.

He disappeared on a Wednesday.

This seems relevant, though timelines can be a dead-end. For one, they tend to hold meaning only to the primary players or the people who realize what they missed after it goes missing — conspiracy theorists, amateur sleuths, subreddits fixating on clues left behind. As if death, like a paperback mystery, can be solved. Travel no further than your couch for examples: the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that ball shooting by Bill Buckner’s folded glove, the string of blurry nights leading up to the one where a person, say, decides to quit drinking. …

On worship, work, and keeping the faith as a writer.

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“If you’re not drinking water out of a Zumanity: The Sensual Side of Cirque Du Soleil cup and watching network tv on a streaming service — comforted by the knowledge that, steps away, there are 11 types of expired mustard in the fridge (tho little else) — I mean, are you even sure you’re at your parents?”

I wrote this while visiting family for my father’s 70th birthday. Barely hesitating before posting it, along with a picture of the cup, to one of the microblogging platforms we refer to as social media. It did well among my readership, as far…

Probably most appropriate for those who’ve watched Penguin…

How much of a heartbreak would it be to finally work with your idol only for it to be an awful experience with the two of you making no meaningful connection?

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  • Watching Val
  • It’s interesting to see him take a backseat to Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn in his first big play. And then he talks about how that was hard, and he really had this goal of playing Hamlet before he was thirty. Which is such a specific thing, but probably particular to method and/or serious actors. And it’s also, like, he was talented enough and had enough of a young-but-respectable resume after that play to likely go to a variety of regional theatre circuits and get that part. But that wasn’t the point, was it? It was to play…

Do consumers want to think more than they want to feel? Do they want art/entertainment to cause them to wonder or to dance until they puke?

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  • Is Hoarders just another show that inequitably focuses the lens on low income households? (Is that redundant to say, at this point?) Like, yeah, they pull 41 tons of hoarded shit out of some turkey processing lineman’s craftsman in Missouri, which is gross, but you’re telling me Bezos isn’t responsible for at least 31 tons of hoarded shit across however many rooms he has, if you include yachts? It’s easier to hide your hoarding behind wealth (which is basically the hoarding of money) than poverty.
  • This show is like Queer Eye but no one is endearing. Or well-dressed.
  • What’s the…

Observations and blobservations for a world of acidifying oceans.

[UPDATE: July 28, 2021]

  • It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World is really a showcase of sweaty actors overacting. It’s like an episode of Shameless, but with Mickey Rooney and fewer blowjobs, and the fistfights are more comical.

[UPDATE: July 14, 2021]

  • Glengarry Glen Ross is a showcase of men trying to sell each other. I mean that statement probably feels, like, “Uhhhh, yeah, dum dum, everyone knows that.” But, seriously, every single interaction is a sale. Not just the hackey actual sales calls or Pacino questioning the manhood of Johnathon Pryce as they booze, the night-long con, but in all the other stretches too. Baldwin to the team…

Adulthood is buying antacids and generic Frank’s Red…

Is our loyalty to our species or that which allows our species life?

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“The only way we can begin to understand our future is by looking backward. Evolution was and is our only successful path forward.”

  • I really need those “minor suspense” and “fear” etc. warnings on nature documentaries. I require those.
  • Thought: The successful depiction of mundanity is so much harder to achieve than the depiction of the extraordinary.
  • Is our loyalty to our species or that which allows our species life? Climate change is a question of loving our life or loving all life more. (Knowing this is knowing the truth of loving your neighbor, which is not only directly-related to…

There’s some great writing here, if you can stomach a little bile.

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  • It’s the darkest and saddest of ironies that handguns are purchased most often for self-defense and used most often for self-destruction.
  • It’s a drug that kills the medicated more often than it accomplishes any other non-abstract thing, but it also holds the singular distinction of killing the spouse a good amount of times too.
  • It’s a defense theory debunked: pointed, in the soldier’s head, at a stranger, an intruder; but pointed, in actuality, at the soldier’s own head.
  • It’s a terrible device. More of a sweeping disregard for life — which skips hand-in-hand with self-loathing — than any atomic bomb…

Gently Softly Hard Hard Hard

vulnerability via endocannabinoids and ass-sweat | free to reuse w/ credit but only if y’all make some equitable and quality erotica out of it | 🏳️‍🌈✊🏿🌲♿️🍑

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